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Corporate Identity

Meaning of Emblem


SG is an abbreviation of “Se-Gye” which literally means “world” in Korean.

SG symbolizes the firm company’s will to promote uppermost management in the global age, provide best services to customers and expand the business all over the world.

Text font is Gothic type, which shows customer intimacy and reliability.

Color is violet which symbolizes leadership and elegance since it would be only used in a palace during the Roman Empire.

The figure on the right-top corner represents “star” which guides people at dark night. It symbolizes customers.

Customer’s Mind, Customer’s Happiness, Customer’s Value are 1st visions which all affiliated companies of SG Group should keep in mind so that they can be global leaders from each field.

Magenta color represents “The Soul Star” and it has attempted to emphasize that customers are the coordinates of SG Group again.

Rule of Emblem

It is prohibited to design and use a logo randomly. The drafts of all expressions should be used printout basis of data in a manual regenerated data computer. To enlarge the emblem, it is necessary to draw it precisely in accordance with the grid system.