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Business Unit
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Head Office (Yesan Plant)

Based on our previously extensive business knowhow, newly added business of car seat cover is a field that its market size has been continuously enlarged and has made partial contributions to business diversification and increase in sales & profit. At present, we’re manufacturing products in Korea and Vietnam.

1) Address : 75, Changmal-ro, Yesan-eup, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

  • TEL : 070-4077-1353
  • FAX : 070-4369-2409

2) Opening date of Plant

  • Asan Plant : Jul.2011
  • Vietnam (CVT processing plant) : Jan.2011

3) Plant Overview

Asan Plant

Site Area 7,421 M² Bldg. Area 2,896.6 M²
No. of employees 89 Production Capacity 60,000 units/year
Main Products Sewing products of car seat cover
(J300 leather, V300 leather/combination, GSV leather, T300, M300, VS300)


Vietnam (CVT processing plant)

Site Area 150,000 M² Bldg. Area
8,100 M²
No. of Employees
320 Production Capacity 240,000 units/year
Main Products Sewing products of car seat cover (J300, V300 combination, GSV, T300, M300)

베트남(CVT 임가공 공장)

4) Major Duties

  • Development & Production of car seat cover
  • Supply of car seet cover
  • Product certification