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CEO Message

New Takeoff as a Innovative Leader


Thank you for visiting our website. I’m Mr. E.B.Lee, CEO of SG Global.

SG Global has made continuous efforts to develop environment-friendly products and create happy values for all people.

Since 1954, SG Global has led Korea’s textile industry and played a key role in the nation’s economic development.

In the era of global infinite competition, we have developed high value-added product’s market such as MODAL & TENCEL by using environment-friendly materials and led the market through differentiation strayegy based on our extensive knowhow and advanced technology.

Since Nonsan Plant opened in 2007, we have maintained the highest production efficiency through the introduction of state-of-the-art facilities and kept the workplace safe & clean to protect our smploy/s health.

Parts Business of Car seat Cover as new growth engine

In 2010, we started part business of car seat cover in Korea and Vietnam in order to grow into a global company. Thanks to favorable automotive market’s situation, we have been accomplishing remarkable achievements in this business.

In particular, we have participated in various projects by preparing the system which allows us to be able to promptly respond to few high value-added products through advanced technology in Korea and cost competitiveness in Vietnam plant.

In order to meet demands of customers and market, we’re going to keep going continuous R&D activities, create happy values to all of our customers and make our company be a more reliable one.

I really wish all of you who visit our website happiness and prosperity.

Mr. E.B.Lee
CEO of SG Global